clag (uncountable)

  1. A glue or paste made from starch.
  2. Low cloud, fog or smog.
    • 1993: Harry Furniss, Memoirs - One: The Flying Game
      The sky was thick with dirty gray clag
    • 2001: Colin Castle, Lucky Alex: The Career of Group Captain A.M. Jardine Afc, CD, Seaman and Airman
      This programme included practice interceptions, simulator training, day flying, night flying, clag flying -- in addition to... [a footnote states that clag flying was Air Force slang for foul weather flying.]
    • 2004: David A Barr, One Lucky Canuck: An Autobiography
      We went along in the clag for what seemed like an eternity [a footnote defines clag as low cloud cover]
  3. (Railway slang) Unburned carbon (smoke) from a diesel locomotive or multiple unit.

4 letters in word "clag": A C G L.

No anagrams for clag found in this word list.

Words found within clag:

ag al gal la lac lag